10,000 DADs



Approximately 65 million years ago, a measly little asteroid collided with Earth causing an extinction level event for many species, including dinosaurs — or so we thought! When scientists discovered Hollow Earth (as depicted in the documentary film Godzilla vs Kong), we learned that dinosaurs, among other species, managed to survive, thrive, and evolve right beneath our feet! Their uninterrupted evolutionary progress has taken the dinosaurs from the basic creatures fossil records showed them to be and transformed them into an advanced civilization not unlike our own. Dinosaurs have acquired a fashion sense, language arts, and — most notably — discovered the alchemic wonder of fermentation! These Drunk Ass Dinos (DADs) wander Hollow Earth slurring their words, vomiting their neanderthal snacks, and devoting all their sober energy to finding a way upward to the mystical floating nightlight of ancient lore — WEN MOON?! With that being said, and as is to be expected, the dinosaurs wish to rejoin Top Earth society! We have managed to secure visas for 10,000 dinosaurs, and with your financial sponsorship we can bring these newcomers topside! Once you’ve brought these DADs into your home you can teach them a new phrase and watch them regurgitate those words back to you via a translator bubble. Currently, due to the insurmountable language barrier, the DADs are limited in the amount they can comprehend and repeat so keep it short and simple. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a hero in this very real and not fictional moment of history!!!


The collection of 10k Drunk Ass Dinos (DADs) was randomly, programmatically generated from millions of possibilities. DADs currently reside on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of ERC-721 tokens and are hosted on IPFS. DADs have varying traits across categories like dino type, body color, skin, eyes/eyewear, headgear, outfits, and hand props!

DADs can be minted for a flat fee of 0.00 ETH each (+ GAS of course)!


Just like any other species that consumes alcohol, Dinos have different levels of drunkenness. Using our super-secret, ultra-proprietary BAC test, we’ve managed to classify DADs from sober to annihilated.

Here’s the full, albeit rather simplified, disclosure on BAC calculations:

1. Each trait your Dino has, or doesn’t have, contributes toward BAC. The higher BAC your Dino has, the higher on the drunk scale it will rank.

2. Because this project isn’t called Sober Ass Dinos (that’d just be SAD) we’ve applied a bell curve to the rankings. Meaning the two ends of the spectrum (Sober and Annihilated) will have the fewest Dinos which in turn makes them more rare. And that makes the middle of the spectrum (Tipsy and Drunk — leaning heavier on the Drunk side, of course!) the most common.

Since we’re superfans of convenience, we’ve gone ahead and color-coded the Dinos according to their drunkenness level! Peep the color of the liquid (read spirit) within each bottle above to determine your DADs drunkenness!



Not Your Basic PFP

DADs might appear to be just another NFT to hit the block, and we can totally see how you might’ve gotten there. Like many NFT projects, we’ve got interesting characters with varying traits and collectability. That’s definitely true. But you know what’s also true? DADs is one of the most intricately designed NFTs on the market! You should see the number of IF statements in our generation code!!


Collect Them All

DADs come in 9 different shapes and sizes and 8 levels of drunkenness. Plenty of options for you to be part of the community without losing your individuality.



Beyond the NFT itself, owning a minimum of 1 Dino grants you participation rights within our community AND access to our ever-changing, hopefully-mostly-improving, members-only DADs Cave! We value our community and want them to be involved in our journey, for the long haul!


There’s nothing like a dank cave full of alcohol to make you feel like a wiener! Jokes, jokes.

While still in its infancy, we want you to know we have big plans for DADs Cave. We are working diligently to create and implement new tools, toys, perks, and whatever else we come up with!! All in the name of entertainment and enjoyment! The first DADs Cave toy is the #DADsTranslatorBubble. Turn your Dinos into memes! Simply add text into the bubbles to make your dinos say whatever you want! Just right-click-save from there!! (Given enough interest, we might add a minting feature in the future!) The #DADsTranslatorBubble allows you to create single frame memes or create a comic strip with up to 4 frames!! String multiple frames together to create your own joke, story, movie scene, etc.

We’re also planning to implement our own rarity ranking page and a Collector DADsboard (tentative title) after we mint out. Get ready to see how rare your DADs are and get some badges!


Governance Token

Your Drunk Ass Dinos NFT will serve as a governance token which awards you the right to vote on the future direction of the project on our Discord channel.

Owners will all get equally weighted rights regardless of the number of DADs they own. You, essentially as a stakeholder of the project, can vote on various topics like collaborations with new artists, auctions, merchandise, new series, and any issues as they arise.


Here at Drunk Ass Dinos we are eager to journey far beyond the end of the perceivable road — WEN MOON?

We are enthusiastically searching for like-minded individuals we can collaborate with to make DADs the best it can possibly be.

Priority Mint Access

Drunk Ass Dinos intends to expand, reproduce, morph, travel — whatever — into additional new collections. While the exact mechanics here are still to be determined, there will most certainly be more. For all future releases, members of DADs will have, at minimum, priority access to mint early.

Depending on overall project status and current holdings at the time of drop, members may be allowed to mint certain expansions for free. Members will be notified prior to the drop if this option becomes available.


We’re excited to work with the POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) team to allow our collectors to mint POAP NFTs when certain collection milestones are achieved. We mentioned badges earlier, right? *cough, cough* Unfortunately, this part of the project is still in the early planning stages. We’ll update members as more info becomes available.


An NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” and is a fancy way of saying it’s a unique, one-of-a-kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs main functions are to be appreciated as digital art and simply look cool, some offer additional utility like exclusive access to websites or participation in events. Essentially, think of it as an ultra-rare piece of art that may also act as a membership card with perks.

In order to purchase an NFT, you must have a crypto-wallet such as Metamask where you can store your crypto currencies and NFTs/tokens. Each wallet comes with a unique address with which your NFTs and crypto-coins are associated.

If you don’t already have a crypto-wallet, research the different wallets available and install the one which suits your needs best. Just please keep in mind that Drunk Ass Dinos NFTs reside on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of ERC-721 tokens.

If you wish to purchase a Drunk Ass Dinos NFT head to our website www.drunkassdinos.com. After your transaction completes, a randomly selected Dino will be minted on the blockchain and delivered to your wallet. You can view it on your OpenSea account (or other supported market places).

Alternatively, you can purchase Drunk Ass Dinos NFTs on the secondary market via OpenSea. Drunk Ass Dinos is not involved in the pricing or regulating of DADs on the secondary market.

GAS and MINER FEES are terms used interchangeably, both meaning the price you pay to complete a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. GAS prices fluctuate frequently. It is important to remember that you must have enough Ethereum in your wallet to pay for GAS in addition to the minting cost.

Drunk Ass Dinos has zero control over and receives zero percent of GAS/MINER FEES.

Once the transaction has completed, your Drunk Ass Dinos NFT will appear in the crypto-wallet used to mint it. If your OpenSea profile is connected to the crypto-wallet used to mint your DADs NFT, then your DADs NFT will appear on your OpenSea profile.

Ownership includes full creative & commercial rights. Use them as your profile pictures, print them on T-shirts, use them in your creatives, the possibilities are endless!

Our original, original, original plan for Drunk Ass Dinos was to release at 0.069 ETH because nice! *chuckle* After watching and falling victim to the menacing Gas Wars, we toked about it and decided that 0.0420 ETH was the price. However, after not seeing the traffic we expected we have decided to reduce the price of our mint to 0.021 (+ GAS). Finally, after not seeing enough interest at THAT price, we made this a FREE MINT!! We want to see this project succeed and we feel this is the best way to make that happen! There are no pricing tiers here. Only tiers of drunkenness!!

Give us a follow on Twitter or join us on Discord. We’d love to hear from you and will get back with you as quickly as we can!


Feel free to reach out to one of our team members! We’d love to hear from you and will get back with you as quickly as we can!

[Drunkest Ass Dino]
@t2grogan @drunkassdinos

Co-founder of Drunk Ass Dinos and Craic House Meadery. Gets stuff done and enables others to get stuff done. When not fully immersed in the world of DADs, you can find Tom on a stool at the top craft beer locations across the country, on his phone collecting NFTs, or both!

[Drunken Engineer/Artist] @harsha_nik

Developed software professionally for over 14 years and had stumbled upon NFTs in early 2021. Drinks 3 shifts and is in pursuit of wen-moon!

[Drunk Ass Marketing] @immigrantkiddo @drunkassdinos

Ant is a talented storyteller and television creator. She is passionate about Web3, crypto, and NFTs. Ant believes in community, having fun, and inclusivity. She is here to spread the word and love with the DADs community.

[Drunk Ass Web Wizard]

Kind-of-drunk (drinks protein shakes!) web-developer with over 11 years of software experience. Works biceps during the day and brain-muscles at night!

[Drunk Ass Moderator]

Grew up cutting my teeth in Web1; embraced Web2; and am thoroughly enjoying exploring the Jungles of Web3! Classically trained in Video Games and Electrical Engineering. Enjoy boarding in all forms, Golf and lots of other IRL activities. Have never met a variant of spirit I didn’t enjoy at least once!

[Drunk Ass Moderator]

Ex-line cook turned crypto & NFT trader. Catch defideez sampling some party favors and enjoying the outdoors.

[Drunk Ass Moderator]

25 year old Irish computer scientist with a passion for crypto and NFTs. Looking to use his degree and study further down the line for blockchain technology/security.




- Launch Drunk Ass Dinos website, Discord, and social media.


- Drive interest to Drunk Ass Dinos on social media, and encouraging growth within our Discord community.

Staff Appropriately

- Vet and add Discord Moderators as well as build out the dev team as required.


- Drop DADs. On their heads, preferably.

DADs Only!

- Open DADs Cave to Drunk Ass Dinos NFT HODLers which will feature the #DADsTranslatorBubble and the Collector DADsboard. Other fun things to follow!

Show Support

- Donations made to charitable association(s)—members’ vote on specifics.


- Create #DADsFund to support the growth of future #DADs projects.


- Collaborate with artists, projects, communities, and businesses.

- Deliver other exclusives for HODLers of #DADs.

- Release Next Generation of #DADs

- Roadmap 2.0


- DADs will not use community funds to “sweep the floor.”

- DADs will not sweep anything under the proverbial rug.

- DADs will not skip out on paying necessary taxes.

- DADs will not ignore opportunities to consult legal counsel as appropriate.

- DADs will not be creating anything that can/will label us as a financial security.

- DADs will not be manned anonymously. Tom, our founder, is fully doxxed on Discord.